During our 15 years in the clothing industry, we managed to perfect quality in our work, produce lightning fast turnaround, while maintaining a safe and secure shopping experience. We work with only the best reviewed brands such as Gildan, Hanes, Next Level, Bella Canvas, Flexfit, Richardson, Nike and more to bring you only the best women’s and men’s basic T-shirts for your own custom design. It all comes down to one thing: The Process. Let us take you step by step to ensure you’re in the right hands with TwistedSwag.com!

Step 1: Design It
We’ve generated a very simple yet diverse design tool for your creativity to design your very own custom t-shirt! Simply click on “Customize Now” in the top header and start designing! Choose from different products, templates, clipart and images to create your very own unique design. Already have your own design ready? No problem! Just upload your design into the design tool, place where you want the design to be on the tshirt and viola! Submit your own design to us and we’ll do the rest. Once you’ve completed the design, your job is done and we pick it up from here!

Step 2: Review Time
Our committed design experts make sure that for every order that is placed, it gets a full review before entering production. They look out for the color contrasts, quality of design, spelling errors and other mistakes including image centering. For more details on the design review process, click here. Once they thoroughly inspect your order, our design team will always email you an updated proof image of your artwork and corrections for your final approval. We NEVER proceed without your permission. After you approve the final design, it is handed off to the printers.

Step 3: Screen Print
Once your design is finalized, our printing professional separates every color into their own individual screen and prepares them for printing. Each screen then gets applied with their proper ink and begins the printing process. We layer each screen by printing them on one by one. Our “flash” drying technique between each individual screen ensures quality and prevents color bleeding.

Step 4: Heat to Perfection
The finished product is dried at up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit for about a minute in one of our conveyor dryers. This process provides a finishing touch to the fabric, which ensures that your design won’t crack, fade, peel, or even wash off.

Step 5: Final Check
Even though they are printed, we still don’t stop there! Each t-shirt undergoes a careful detailed inspection by one of our floor supervisors. Once they give us a thumbs up of approval, it’s time to ship them out to you!