Direct To Film Transfers (DTF)

Discover the vibrant world of custom apparel with Twisted Swag's premium DTF (Direct to Film) transfers, an ideal solution for bringing your unique designs to life with brilliant, full-color output. Each transfer features high-definition print quality, ensuring that every detail of your design—from intricate patterns to bold logos—pops with stunning clarity and vivid colors. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, schools, and businesses looking to stand out, these transfers offer a professional finish that rivals traditional screen printing, but with the ease of application at home or in a workshop setting.



Twisted Swag’s premium DTF transfers are designed for versatility and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of fabric types and colors. Whether you’re looking to create custom T-shirts, hoodies, or fabric banners, these transfers adhere smoothly and retain their color brilliance even after multiple washes. This makes them an excellent choice for creating merchandise, uniforms, or promotional items that are meant to leave a lasting impression. With Twisted Swag's DTF transfers, you’re not just buying a product; you’re unlocking endless creative possibilities in a cost-effective and user-friendly package.


Premium DTF transfer materials consist of a clear polyester film coated with a release layer, topped with high-quality CMYK and white water-based inks, and finished with a polymer adhesive powder. This combination allows for vibrant, durable prints on various fabrics, ensuring excellent color fidelity and wash resistance. Ideal for custom apparel and textile applications, DTF transfers deliver professional-grade results with flexibility and precision.

How to Place an Order:

1. Please select the appropriate size for your image. We will automatically resize your image to fit the selected size during processing without notification.

Example: If you order a 10" x 10" transfer but your image is 10.5" x 10.5", we will automatically resize your image to 10" x 10".

2. Click the "BUY TRANSFERS NOW!" button.

File Formats:

We accept .png, .tiff, .eps, and .ai files only.

Files must be in RGB or CMYK color space. We do not accept Index, Pantone, or Grey color spaces files.


1. Adjust the heat press to a temperature of 330°F.

2. Set the pressure to high.

3. Pre-press the garment to eliminate any moisture.

4. Position the DTF transfer and apply pressure for 15 seconds.

5. Allow the garment to cool completely.

6. Peel off the DTF transfer when the garment is cold.

7. Optionally, press the garment again for 5 seconds.

FAQ & Troubleshooting:

Issue: DTF Print is lifting off the garment and transfer film is not releasing easily.

1. Increase the temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit as some heat presses may not accurately maintain temperatures or provide uniform heating.

2. Enhance pressure to ensure uniform contact across the bottom platen.

3. Ensure the garment is completely cold before removing the transfer to prevent the adhesive from sticking to the cold peel film.

Issue: DTF Print has watermarks after pressing onto the garment.

1. Inspect the DTF transfer before pressing; if it feels oily, slimy, or wet, cure the transfer to evaporate excess moisture by placing it under the heat press or running it through a conveyor dryer.
2. If the issue persists after pressing, wipe the print with a clean cloth to remove moisture and press again.

Issue: Small lines or details are not transferring to the garment.

Ensure that the print on the film includes white ink for small details to transfer. If not, increase the size of small details and reprint.