Full Color Banner

Unlock the true potential of promotion, advertising, and announcements with the magnificent Scrim Vinyl Banners! Step into a world where these banners reign supreme as the ultimate marketing powerhouse, captivating audiences at every indoor and outdoor event. Imagine the allure they possess - crafted from 13oz scrim vinyl, bedecked with UV-cured inks, and built to weather any storm, they shine brilliantly through rain or shine.

Now, let's delve into the popular uses of these banner marvels, for their versatility knows no bounds. From commanding billboards and mesmerizing building wraps to eye-catching signs, parades, and grand openings - they seize the spotlight on every occasion. But wait, there's more! These banners are the heartbeat of festivals, sporting events, health fairs, fundraisers, and beyond. Embrace the limitless possibilities and experience the marketing mastery of Scrim Vinyl Banners today!


From 2'x2' up to 5'x20'


Heavy 13oz Scrim Vinyl - Outdoor

Color Spec

4/0 (4 color front)

Grommets and Hems

All 4 Sides

Every 2 ft.